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  Bone Nuts/Saddles

"Want to
your tone? 
Try bone!"

It is a universally accepted notion that bone produces the best tone, especially on acoustic instruments. In the good ol' days the better instruments came with bone nuts and saddles but now it's too expensive for the big companies to make bone nuts so they are usually made of plastic or Corian (fancy hi-tech plastic). Plastic does nothing for tone.

  bone saddle larrivee after.jpg  


I hand-craft nuts and saddles out of bone for any kind of instrument. The nut is meticulously shaped and each string slot is slotted to a specific depth, depending on the gauge of the string. Then I bring it to a high shine with 4 different grits of sandpaper and steel wool. You really will be able to tell the difference in tone!

*Compensated saddles have a specially formed top crown that changes the contact point, fore or aft, for each string, affecting the intonation. A hand-crafted, compensated bone saddle will cost more due to the additional time and effort they require.

Additional costs: Bone blanks are $5 each.

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