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"The build quality of cheaper guitars has really improved, but the imports still cut corners with electronics. Rewiring can make your "good" guitar sound GREAT!"

Complete Rewire
A complete rewire means I will replace all of your wiring, pots, and switches. This is a good idea for any guitar with scratchy sounding knobs and switches. It's also a great upgrade for a less expensive guitar. If you can't afford a Gibson and settle for an Epiphone instead, it's a good idea to switch out the cheap electronic components with good quality stuff. It really makes a difference.

Replace Pickup
There are a lot of good aftermarket pickups out there that can help you achieve the sound you are looking for. I can order them for you or you can bring your own. The price for swapping out a pickup starts at $30 each. Your final pricing depends on how involved the job is. For example, a hollow body guitar will cost more because they are difficult to get into. You will also pay more if you are going from passive to active pickups.

Install a Piezo Pickup in an acoustic guitar
Under-the-saddle acoustic pickups are very popular. They allow you amplification with very little noticeable modification to your acoustic guitar. This price is based on how involved the job is, a basic piezo system with no onboard EQ is $65. Obviously it will be more if you want an EQ mounted in the guitar since that requires routing. Also, a blender system with a piezo pickup and an internal microphone will be a little more.

Install Input Jacks, Pots, and Switches
Tired of those noisy switches, scratchy knobs, and intermittent output jacks? Get them replaced! $20 each plus parts. Your bandmates will be happy.
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