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  Fret Work

"Frets are like tires, they will eventually wear out!"

Fret Dress
Because the intonation of your guitar is based upon the crown of your frets, flat spots and divots can cause your guitar to play out of tune. A fret dress takes care of these issues. I will file your frets flat and then re-crown them (put the arc back) and then polish them to a high shine using four grits of sandpaper and steel wool. My fret dress price includes a Pro Setup. It's almost like getting a new guitar!

Refret (Standard Necks)
When your frets become too worn and low to dress, or you want to go to a different size fret wire, it's time for a refret. I will install whatever fret wire you choose and dress them to get your guitar playing sweet. A full refret job also includes a Pro Setup.
Refret (Maple Necks)
Finished maple necks are a little more work. Most guitar companies (like Fender) spray finish on the neck after it has been fretted so removing the frets can be tricky. I like to keep the original finish if I can but sometimes it may need to be refinished with lacquer.

Pricing (for our full price list - click here)

  Fret Dress (includes complete setup) ................. $130  
  Refret Unbound Neck (includes complete setup) ................. $250  
  Refret Bound Neck (includes complete setup) ................. $265  
  Refret Maple Neck (if finish work required) ................. $275  

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