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  Neck Work


  "The neck of your guitar is
   always under stress. Age,
   humidity, and wear can bend,
   bow, twist, warp, or crack a
   neck. Those issues are not
   really a DIY fix. That's why
   I'm here!"

Neck Reset
Flattop acoustic guitars change over time and it is to be expected since they are constructed of wood. Age and the constant pull of the strings contribute to the neck moving forward creating a different angle towards the bridge and extremely high action. When this happens (normally after a guitar is 15 to 25 years old), it's time for a neck reset. High-end guitars are made to be reset but this is not a "do-it-yourself" project. The neck needs to be removed and cut at an angle to get it back in good playing position.
Additional Costs: Some guitars may require a new nut and/or saddle and some may require a refret.
Broken Necks
Usually necks break at the headstock, especially if it's a tilt-back headstock. This happens a lot with Gibson guitars. If this has happened to your guitar, try to save any splinters or chunks of wood from the break and carefully bring it to me. I can fix it. This price does not include any finish work, just gluing, sanding and touch up. A setup will be in order and it will be added to the price of the glue job.
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