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We offer a complete line of repair and restoration services from simple set up of your new guitar to total restoration of your prized vintage piece. We understand the needs of working musicians and strive to provide high-quality repairs in a timely fashion.
Below you will find an updated price list for the typical repair work that we do.

2014 Intown Guitar Repair Price List

$15 6 string, banjo
$20 12 string, mandolin, classical, Floyd Rose tremolo

Set Up
$55 Acoustic
$60 - Electric
$70 Floyd Rose tremolo
$70 12 string
$55 Mandolin

Bone Nut (plus $5 for blank)
$50 6 string
$60 Mandolin
$65 12 string

Bone Saddle (plus $5 for blank)
$50 - for compensated saddle

Fret Dress (includes complete setup)

Refret (includes complete setup)
$265 - Binding
$275 Maple neck (if finish work is required)

Replace Acoustic Bridge (includes setup)
$115* (*plus $60 if a saddle slot needs to be routed)

Cracked Necks
$60 - $150 (repair must be assessed first)
Headstocks broken in 2 or more pieces will cost more.
Bridge Plate
$250 Remove and replace bridge and bridge plate

Neck Reset
$300 - $350 (plus cost of refret if needed)

Install Pickups
$30 each
(depending on situation, active pickups may be more)
Hollow-body wiring will be more and needs to be assessed.

Install Piezo Pickup

Replace Pots

Replace Output Jacks and Switches
$20 (plus parts)

Machine Heads

$50 minimum

Repair Cracks
$15 per inch (no finish, touch-up only)

Strap Button
Fret Wire

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