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Simple Crack Repair 
This customer just got back from a gig in New York City and when he got his guitar off of the plane he had a nice little crack in the top of his beautiful Bourgeois acoustic. It's very difficult to see in this picture, but the crack extended from the butt-end to the bridge.

I tried to take some pictures from inside the guitar but they didn't turn out. I need to get one of those cameras like Frank Ford uses!

I first dropped a little water into the crack to help absorb the glue into the crack. Then I reached inside the guitar and pressed on the top to open the crack while I rubbed some glue into the crack. I used several strips of masking tape to "clamp" the crack shut.

Then I made three cleats out of a piece of spruce. The cleats glue onto the crack on the inside of the guitar to stabilize the crack. I used high powered magnets to align them over the crack. I made sure the grain of the cleats was running perpendicular to the grain of the top of the guitar for strength. Then I clamped it all up and waited for the glue to dry.

Now it's ready to go. I've talked with the customer since the repair and he says it's holding up fine and survived a tour in Europe.





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