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  Project File:
F-Style Mandolin Refret
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  F4 Mandolin

1. Here is a very nice F4 style mandolin made by Ohio luthier Douglas Unger. These F-style mandolins truly are a piece of art. It blows my mind that a man can take some wood, pearl, and metal and make something that is not only beautiful but that sounds wonderful too!


2. This mandolin belongs to the president of the Austin Mandolin Orchestra. It needed a refret, so the pressure was on to do a great job if I ever wanted another mandolin job in Austin! Ha ha. Above is a picture of the luthier's label. Even his handwriting is fancy. This mandolin was born in 1983.

  Pickguard cut

3. I just had to include a picture of the headstock. Nice inlay work!


4. First I had to remove the old frets and clean the fret slots. It was pretty delicate work on the tongue of the fretboard that overhangs the soundhole. You certainly don't want to snap that off!


5.  Here, I have the frets in and ready to be leveled and crowned.


6. Here is a good shot of the fretboard tongue. You can see it isn't supported underneath. It was fun cutting the frets that fit the tongue.


7. The finished fret job before setting up. I was happy with it and so was the customer. It was a pleasure to work on such a beautiful piece of American craftsmanship.   


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