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  Project File:
My Hand-Made "Ricecaster" Guitar
These are pictures of my guitar that I built from scratch. I don't have pics of the entire process
but these will give you an idea. The body and neck are very dense mahogany and the fretboard
              is ebony. It's loaded with Gibson P-90s and 11 gauge GHS Boomers and it sounds great.

Neck blank
Neck blank

Neck and fretboard glued and carved

Radiusing the neck
Abalone dots installed and 10" radius
Headstock carved
Body routed and ready to be sprayed
Neck pocket
Neck pocket
Spraying the body
Spraying the headstock
Buffing the body
Creating the pickguard and shielding the guitar
Front View                Rear View
Notice the "V" the wood grain creates.

My pride and joy!

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