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  • Brad Rice
    My brother's Myspace page. Cool pics and sounds.
  • Catlin Cary
    Former Whiskeytown bandmate of mine and truly gifted
    songwriter and all around sweetheart. Buy her records and
    go see her live. You go girl! Oh, she can play that fiddle too!
  • Ryan Adams
    Another former Whiskeytown bandmate of mine and a great songwriter and all around rock star.
  • Redd Volkaert
    The most amazing guitar player I've ever seen. Great website too! Check out Redd's
    "Pork Chops" section.
  • Jon Dee Graham
    A great singer-songwriter from Austin, TX and a really nice guy. He plays every Wednesday
    night at the Continental Club in Austin and his band absolutely rocks! He also plays with
    The Resentments every Sunday night at the Saxon Pub. Oh, and he's a customer too.
  • Tift Merritt
    A gifted songwriter and performer from North Carolina. Don't let the good looks fool you,
    she can rock!
  • The Drovers Old Time Medicine Show
    A good time hillbilly band from the upstate of SC. Grandpa and I go way back. We used to
    play the punk rock when we were whippersnappers.
  • PsychoDaisies
    This is the real deal. This legendary Miami band combines "raw rock, roots, psychedelia, and blues with an inventive, aggressive flair." Johnny Salton is the best guitarist you've never
    heard. Great website too.
  • Niel Brooks
    My friend and fellow Jaywalker. Niel is a great guitarist. Check him out.
  • Buddy Zapata
    A good friend and great musician. Buddy is the self-proclaimed king of "junkshop blues". Visit his site, buy his music. You won't be disappointed.
  • Keith Urban
    Yep, that Keith Urban. My brother toured with Keith's band.

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