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"It's impossible to list every repair you may need, but here are some typical prices for some typical jobs."

Replace Acoustic Bridge
Sometimes acoustic bridges start to lift off
the top. This is due to the constant pull of
string tension over time. Using medium
gauge strings (or heavier) increases the
likeliness of this happening. I can remove
the bridge and either reuse it or replace it
with a new bridge. This comes with a complete
setup. Click here to see a typical replacement.

Rout and install a Floyd Rose style tremelo system
Want to put a Floyd Rose into your guitar? It's a big job but I can do it. Remember, this is an irreversible procedure. It includes making all necessary routs to the body and at the nut, installing the tremelo bridge and the locking nut, and a complete setup. Of course this does not include the price of the tremelo itself. You can buy that from me (ask me about my prices) or bring your own. You can get a look at the entire procedure here. If you want the top recess rout it will cost $35 extra. If the pickguard needs to be modified to fit the new bridge it will cost $20 extra.

Install New Machine Heads - $20
Replacing machine heads can make a big difference in the tuning stability of your guitar. Old tuners can wear out, and lesser quality tuners have a tendency to slip. Many folks choose to install locking tuners especially when a tremelo is involved. Whatever the reason, I can help you out. This job involves removal of old machines, clean-up and re-drill of headstock if necessary, installation of compatible new tuners. Again, you buy those directly from me or bring your own.

Body Routing - $50 and Up
There are a variety of new products on the market that can be retrofit on your guitar without modification, but some items still require a bit of needed space to install. Routing the body cavity of you guitar is not a DIY project. Let me do it for you. I'll quote each job based on the amount of routing needed to accommodate your desired modification.
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